Saloni follows what jack ma has said :

“The opportunities that everyone cannot see are the real opportunities.”

“Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. nothing bad can happen”

About Saloni Sacheti

Saloni is a lawyer turned social entrepreneur. She did her graduation from Delhi University and LL.B. from Banaras Hindu University. After working in a law firm as an Associate Advocate in Delhi for more than a year, she joined SBI youth for India fellowship where she spent 13 months in the rural area of Dangs. She started Baansuli as a project during her fellowship. Baansuli or Bamboo Artisan Socio-Economic Upliftment Initiative is made with an aim of giving the tribal of Dangs a regular source of income and stop seasonal migration by providing them livelihood opportunities.

She strongly believes in creating opportunities. She says “The solution for any problem is always around you. If you keep on thinking about solving a problem you just can’t find anything. Just chill and relax, see things around you and then you will realize there are plenty of solution around you to all your problems. And when you find it try to channelize with all your hard work and determination.”

As dang has become her second home she beautifully explains the story of patience, a mother who wants to send their kids to school, a wife who wants to help her husband with daily expenses, a couple who wants to build a pucca house for their family and lot more